Hand cut and

Prepared in small batches.

This is what sets us apart from the rest. Quality and care you can taste in every meal!
Wholesome, home-cooked, and a taste of home in the wilderness, You'll never go back to anything else!... Unless you enjoy cooking over a fire, which we also do!!

Fresh ingredients

Once cooked, the meals are the laid onto trays and into the freeze-dryer they go!


This is a three step process: First, the food is frozen to a temperature of -10F, then the air is sucked out of the chamber, effectively creating a vaccum, a low heat is applied, during which the water sublimates (goes from frozen state to vapor). The final stage is another drying phase with a slightly higher temperature to evaporate the smaller water molecules left. This process usually takes between 20 to 48hrs depending on the dish and its moisture content.

The advantages of Freeze-drying are pretty significant for cooked meals. It is more forgiving towards dairy products, nutrients and texture. It also cuts down the rehydration time by a lot!

freeze-dried diots au vin blanc

Traditional recipe from the French Alps "Diots au Vin Blanc" or Pork sausage are cooked cooked in white wine and onions served with "Crozets" a local pasta shaped in a tiny thin square.

freeze-dried beefy mac&cheese

Loaded with Sharp Cheddar and Gruyère, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, lean ground beef, paprika, chilli, oregano and chicken stock.
Not your average M&C you find on any shelves anywhere!